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The Poetry Fox

What does The Poetry Fox have to do with Hyacinth Farms?

In the Poetry Fox's own words, "he bangs out poems on typewriters" for guests at festivals, weddings, and other events. You give him a word, he instantaneously types a poem. We gave him "hyacinth." In a flash, he presented this poem to us!


the magnolias

are opening


white faces

blinking their


into the noon

i walk past

and avoid eye contact

for i have given myself

to the hyacinths

sorry, flowers

i do appreciate

your opening

you spreading

colorful petals

i love

the columbines

and the irises

when they arrive and

miss them when

they're gone


but truly

the hyacinths have me

i am in their thrall

i open

and close with them




Hyacinth by The Poetry Fox
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